Monday, February 26, 2007

God's Kingdom which is in us!!!(Born again believers)Scroll down to Jew & Gentile

Luke17:21 God's Kingdom is right within each born again believer!!!Breaking it down: John14:23 God dwells in us, who are born again ,love Him & Keep His commandments..........Col.1:27 Christ dwells in us who belong to Him.....1cor.3:16 We are the Temple of God & His Spirit dwells in us, we are sealed by His Spirit unto the day of our redemption*Eph.1:13!!Jesus is the sealer & Holy Spirit is the seal.Thus...........Luke17:21 the Kingdom of God is right within each born again Believer in Christ.
Let us talk about God's Kingdom!!1st off the world is ran by the wold, they speak & the world hears ....they are even ran by dead men(who are passed on )#1 dead man & dead man as in sinners in this world without Christ.#2
The Kingdom of God concept is way different from the kingdom of this world.
God is our King of Glory!!!in fact the Bible calls Him Ancient King of Glory hallaluyah!! His invisible country is in heaven.
We who abide in Christ & He in us, are dwelling on the created earth/Once we become born again.God's Kingdom is now transferred to His own Children in Christ here on this earth "Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done."
So we think like God(Kingdom Thinking) His laws,His Symbols, and His Keys. Keys are not as the world sees keys as to open a door....But Spiritual keys to His Kingdom thru our King, Jesus Christ!!We have unlimited access unto God thru Christ by His Spirit into the Holy of Holies within us & His KIngdom!!!
A King is Never voted in, as are the world leaders. Our King has full authority, it is His Birthright.;Power.........The Word is Law in God's Kingdom, He owns everything. God's Priority is not physical such as food,clothing,water etc. We are told not to worry , pagans do that...(belongings,lots of the best fine foods ,wines ,travel,jewelery etc)
God said, seek Ye first the Kingdom of God & all of these things will be added unto you. The Kingdom of God & His Righteousness.
the Righteous are rightly positioned in His authority, don't go against God & His Word....SEEK...Get to the King,the source of the Kingdom of God.
Jesus said, Come unto Me ....He puts us in God's Kingdom (happened at Pentecost ,,,, to show us how......
The Kingdom of God is not a democracy or a religion.
It is the Governing of God over us (His own in Christ) with God's Own Will & Intent.
Do Not try to IMPOSE Your Religion onto God's Kingdom.....It is God's Will , God's Power , God's Intention (the mind of the King) thy will be done on earth
Jesus said, Repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand.....In Him & once we receive Christ , then in us!!!We Reflect the King & His nature in us....God fills the earth with His full nature...... In us (who receive Christ the King)
a lot of rebellion on the earth ,in this world(satan's kingdom) everything is upside down , dark , lost & confused(sex,drugs,violence,murder; doing their master's will, serving satan's world kingdom(the World means sinners)the earth is the Lord's .
*****The earth is waiting for the manifestation of God's Kingdom on earth- which is how we (God's Children in Christ the King)Live & Glorify God, His Culture
Religion is a system,laws,rules, religious acts etc.
God's Kingdom in us is "Culture" Religion has a very long list of rules God's laws are in our hearts, it is a lifestyle..........We forgive others instantly, it is our culture ,because of the Kingdom in us!!We LOVE our Enemies.The giving by us of the good news is God's Kingdom Culture act, to us giving is a natural act.
****Matt.23-- you teachers of the law lock up God's Kingdom , you prevent them from entering into God's Kingdom (you are a threat to God's Kingdom) Religion is not of God, it keeps you out of God's Kingdom.
*****Jesus Never Joined any religious group in fact religious leaders arrested Him.Jesus would not talk , but when He went before a King, then He talked.
Religion apease their gods, =members=emotions
AS citizens of the Kingdom, God demands no long prayers-no begging-Kingdom thinking...You can't be a member of a nation(Kingdom) but a citizen....but a member of a religion.
The King has citizens not members. No Church members......alegory-community- the Body of Christ , citizens do not belong to a pastor or a religion but to God.
~~~ Religion thinks if they pray long enough, are emotional enough, maybe God will hear
No, God is in us John14:8
Once again I remind you,Religion is man's idea of God's expectations of them.So many religious wonder....where is God?They declare their denomination or their religion as being saved.(people wake up,,, this is WRONG, and you are missing out on God & His Religion, you have no abiding relationship with our King.

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