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First off, you cannot read the Word of God(Holy Bible) looking at Jesus as a leader , say like a president.
God's Kingdom is not a religion or a democracy. We are aliens in this world. Jesus said, we are in this world but not of this world & we are citizens of His Kingdom or heaven.
The World kingdom under sin & the devil's kingdom, are suppose to see heaven in us by our attitides & behavior.
Our King is opposite of a president . He is Not Voted in , He has absolute full authority over His Kingdom & His people in His Kingdom ( all born again Bible Believing people)Christians or Saints.... I know everyone just loves titles...So I name the all so you can comprehend what I am saying here.. we will include Regenerated(cleansed in His Blood)!!
The King ( Jesus) decrees laws ...Christianity a religion, making & changing their laws all of the time......Our King decrees fornication, idolatry, adulterers, effeminate or homosexuality,or abusers of themselves w. mankind,thieves,covetous,drunkards,revilers,nor extortioners see:1Cor.6:9 & Gal.5:19-21 & Lev.18:22,Lev.20:13 ,Lev 18 & 26 ,Deut.18:9-12,Deut.7:9,/ to name a few, but all are decreed by Our King, the Lord our God.These are sins in God's Kingdom, you can do these things in the world, but not in God's Kingdom .Religion & the World are felxable but not God .
You don't obey the President , BUT we obey the King--no discussions. The King owns His citizens & we do as He says. You do not do what I say , so I do not know you....depart from Me....
in God's Kingdom, we do not call names, in the world, they call their father , "Old Man" or mother, "Old woman" spouses as well.
Our King owns all, and He can do with what He owns as He so pleases.
Rom.10:9,10 we confess Jesus with our mouths(Jesus Christ as King or Lord)by confessing Jesus our King, we acknowledge that He is King that He is our Lord(owner)and we can only call Him Lord by His Spirit in us.
All through the New Test. There were healings when they called Him Lord, When you call Him Lord , you put pressure on Him, now He is responsible for you, now He is your King.He owns you!! We submitt 100% unto Him ,:"Jesus you are my Lord or my King"
He tells the wife to submit to their husbands(as Lord) which means , it makes their husband responsible for them ,Now the husband must take care of her.She has submitted unto her husband , making him lord over her life.That is how God used that to compare in His Word. So we understand submission. submission does not mean anything else at all.Just recognizing your spouse as being responsible for you.
Just as , when we submit unto our Lord /King, we acknowledge He is our owner & He is responsible for us.
God our King is ruler over the heavens & also over us in His earth. He first was King over heaven , then the earth ( territory) and then He created kings in the earth , ( Lord of Lords & King of Kings)
*****Study the kingdom say of England, then you will understand the kingdom & the King. Only our Kingdom & King is spiritual. Not Physical.
*****Luke17:21 the Kingdom of God is in us 1Cor.3:16 He dwells in us, John14:23.;col.1:27 !!!We who have asked the King to come in & dwell in us Demonstrated in Rev.3:20) He dwells in us & we confess the King w. our mouths Rom.10:9,10.
*****Remember , when Jesus said, Repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand..It was in Him & Once they believed on the day of pentecost at antioch. They received the Spirit (Kingdom ) demonstrated for us today,tomorrow & forever.Today, the same , repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand In each one of God's citizens, which is to say born again believer sealed by His Spirit Eph.1:13 ,indwelt by Him, the Father & the Son John 14:23 & col.1:27 & Luke17:21.
God calls us kings and He is King over us.....Gen.1:26 made in His image!!!Angels are God's servants, we are kings!!..........Many preachers and churches today teach that we are an army..........citizens in God's Kingdom never join the army to fight & die. If you're in His Kingdom, you never fight. Soldiers are fighting & dying, Citizens are Living. God never commanded us to fight. Angels Fight.
Look in Rev. the Angels fight the wars *&pour out the plagues not us.
A preacher in California gathered all these people together & said , let's go & fight Satan.... he lost his entire ministry...
We are Citizens of God's Kingdom & we are protected............Daniel Prayed & the angels fought.
You ask, well then what is spiriutal warfare?We wait on our King....we put on the whole armor to petition God our King.We the pray, make our petitions to Him.Our King.
If you belonmg to the King, let go & let Him & you relax!
The constitution of our King is His Word.....He said , I the King Decree.......
Democracy.....We the People.......changes all the time.
God's decrees stand forever & ever.
King is Law, and law was established by the King.
you try to adjust God's Word to try & fit your sins into God's Word,You cannot , nor can you ever change God's decrees.
Once you can comprehend that God is a KING over a KINGDOM , (US) then you can better comprehend His Word.
God Our King tells us, goodness & mercy shall follow you all the days of your life, Our King has given angels charge over our lives, lest we dash a foot......
Relax , enjoy Kingdom living....stop worrying.... it can gain you nothing ..... nor can you add one day to your life.....
Our King said, unless we become as a little child, we shall in no way enter heaven (or His Kingdom) meaning; we have 100% total submission unto our King, and we look to Our King for all things......He said , not one hair on our head shall be harmed...... They can kill the body & not the soul.......
Look at the healings in the New Test. the blindman, cried; "Jesus, Son of David," that is why He was healed, He recognized Jesus was a King. All healings were because they called Him Lord or King.
do not marvel that our King said, you must be born again..or you will not see the Kingdom of heaven John3:3
'John1:12,13 Jesus explains how to be born again, "not by the will of your flesh or blood nor by the will of man ( so nothing you can do , not even baptism) but by God(our King) do not try to push religion into God's Kingdom, in God's Kingdom is no religion , no churches, no members.Just His citizens.........

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