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First off, you cannot read the Word of God(Holy Bible) looking at Jesus as a leader , say like a president.
God's Kingdom is not a religion or a democracy. We are aliens in this world. Jesus said, we are in this world but not of this world & we are citizens of His Kingdom or heaven.
The World kingdom under sin & the devil's kingdom, are suppose to see heaven in us by our attitides & behavior.
Our King is opposite of a president . He is Not Voted in , He has absolute full authority over His Kingdom & His people in His Kingdom ( all born again Bible Believing people)Christians or Saints.... I know everyone just loves titles...So I name the all so you can comprehend what I am saying here.. we will include Regenerated(cleansed in His Blood)!!
The King ( Jesus) decrees laws ...Christianity a religion, making & changing their laws all of the time......Our King decrees fornication, idolatry, adulterers, effeminate or homosexuality,or abusers of themselves w. mankind,thieves,covetous,drunkards,revilers,nor extortioners see:1Cor.6:9 & Gal.5:19-21 & Lev.18:22,Lev.20:13 ,Lev 18 & 26 ,Deut.18:9-12,Deut.7:9,/ to name a few, but all are decreed by Our King, the Lord our God.These are sins in God's Kingdom, you can do these things in the world, but not in God's Kingdom .Religion & the World are felxable but not God .
You don't obey the President , BUT we obey the King--no discussions. The King owns His citizens & we do as He says. You do not do what I say , so I do not know you....depart from Me....
in God's Kingdom, we do not call names, in the world, they call their father , "Old Man" or mother, "Old woman" spouses as well.
Our King owns all, and He can do with what He owns as He so pleases.
Rom.10:9,10 we confess Jesus with our mouths(Jesus Christ as King or Lord)by confessing Jesus our King, we acknowledge that He is King that He is our Lord(owner)and we can only call Him Lord by His Spirit in us.
All through the New Test. There were healings when they called Him Lord, When you call Him Lord , you put pressure on Him, now He is responsible for you, now He is your King.He owns you!! We submitt 100% unto Him ,:"Jesus you are my Lord or my King"
He tells the wife to submit to their husbands(as Lord) which means , it makes their husband responsible for them ,Now the husband must take care of her.She has submitted unto her husband , making him lord over her life.That is how God used that to compare in His Word. So we understand submission. submission does not mean anything else at all.Just recognizing your spouse as being responsible for you.
Just as , when we submit unto our Lord /King, we acknowledge He is our owner & He is responsible for us.
God our King is ruler over the heavens & also over us in His earth. He first was King over heaven , then the earth ( territory) and then He created kings in the earth , ( Lord of Lords & King of Kings)
*****Study the kingdom say of England, then you will understand the kingdom & the King. Only our Kingdom & King is spiritual. Not Physical.
*****Luke17:21 the Kingdom of God is in us 1Cor.3:16 He dwells in us, John14:23.;col.1:27 !!!We who have asked the King to come in & dwell in us Demonstrated in Rev.3:20) He dwells in us & we confess the King w. our mouths Rom.10:9,10.
*****Remember , when Jesus said, Repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand..It was in Him & Once they believed on the day of pentecost at antioch. They received the Spirit (Kingdom ) demonstrated for us today,tomorrow & forever.Today, the same , repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand In each one of God's citizens, which is to say born again believer sealed by His Spirit Eph.1:13 ,indwelt by Him, the Father & the Son John 14:23 & col.1:27 & Luke17:21.
God calls us kings and He is King over us.....Gen.1:26 made in His image!!!Angels are God's servants, we are kings!!..........Many preachers and churches today teach that we are an army..........citizens in God's Kingdom never join the army to fight & die. If you're in His Kingdom, you never fight. Soldiers are fighting & dying, Citizens are Living. God never commanded us to fight. Angels Fight.
Look in Rev. the Angels fight the wars *&pour out the plagues not us.
A preacher in California gathered all these people together & said , let's go & fight Satan.... he lost his entire ministry...
We are Citizens of God's Kingdom & we are protected............Daniel Prayed & the angels fought.
You ask, well then what is spiriutal warfare?We wait on our King....we put on the whole armor to petition God our King.We the pray, make our petitions to Him.Our King.
If you belonmg to the King, let go & let Him & you relax!
The constitution of our King is His Word.....He said , I the King Decree.......
Democracy.....We the People.......changes all the time.
God's decrees stand forever & ever.
King is Law, and law was established by the King.
you try to adjust God's Word to try & fit your sins into God's Word,You cannot , nor can you ever change God's decrees.
Once you can comprehend that God is a KING over a KINGDOM , (US) then you can better comprehend His Word.
God Our King tells us, goodness & mercy shall follow you all the days of your life, Our King has given angels charge over our lives, lest we dash a foot......
Relax , enjoy Kingdom living....stop worrying.... it can gain you nothing ..... nor can you add one day to your life.....
Our King said, unless we become as a little child, we shall in no way enter heaven (or His Kingdom) meaning; we have 100% total submission unto our King, and we look to Our King for all things......He said , not one hair on our head shall be harmed...... They can kill the body & not the soul.......
Look at the healings in the New Test. the blindman, cried; "Jesus, Son of David," that is why He was healed, He recognized Jesus was a King. All healings were because they called Him Lord or King.
do not marvel that our King said, you must be born again..or you will not see the Kingdom of heaven John3:3
'John1:12,13 Jesus explains how to be born again, "not by the will of your flesh or blood nor by the will of man ( so nothing you can do , not even baptism) but by God(our King) do not try to push religion into God's Kingdom, in God's Kingdom is no religion , no churches, no members.Just His citizens.........

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God's Kingdom which is in us!!!(Born again believers)Scroll down to Jew & Gentile

Luke17:21 God's Kingdom is right within each born again believer!!!Breaking it down: John14:23 God dwells in us, who are born again ,love Him & Keep His commandments..........Col.1:27 Christ dwells in us who belong to Him.....1cor.3:16 We are the Temple of God & His Spirit dwells in us, we are sealed by His Spirit unto the day of our redemption*Eph.1:13!!Jesus is the sealer & Holy Spirit is the seal.Thus...........Luke17:21 the Kingdom of God is right within each born again Believer in Christ.
Let us talk about God's Kingdom!!1st off the world is ran by the wold, they speak & the world hears ....they are even ran by dead men(who are passed on )#1 dead man & dead man as in sinners in this world without Christ.#2
The Kingdom of God concept is way different from the kingdom of this world.
God is our King of Glory!!!in fact the Bible calls Him Ancient King of Glory hallaluyah!! His invisible country is in heaven.
We who abide in Christ & He in us, are dwelling on the created earth/Once we become born again.God's Kingdom is now transferred to His own Children in Christ here on this earth "Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done."
So we think like God(Kingdom Thinking) His laws,His Symbols, and His Keys. Keys are not as the world sees keys as to open a door....But Spiritual keys to His Kingdom thru our King, Jesus Christ!!We have unlimited access unto God thru Christ by His Spirit into the Holy of Holies within us & His KIngdom!!!
A King is Never voted in, as are the world leaders. Our King has full authority, it is His Birthright.;Power.........The Word is Law in God's Kingdom, He owns everything. God's Priority is not physical such as food,clothing,water etc. We are told not to worry , pagans do that...(belongings,lots of the best fine foods ,wines ,travel,jewelery etc)
God said, seek Ye first the Kingdom of God & all of these things will be added unto you. The Kingdom of God & His Righteousness.
the Righteous are rightly positioned in His authority, don't go against God & His Word....SEEK...Get to the King,the source of the Kingdom of God.
Jesus said, Come unto Me ....He puts us in God's Kingdom (happened at Pentecost ,,,, to show us how......
The Kingdom of God is not a democracy or a religion.
It is the Governing of God over us (His own in Christ) with God's Own Will & Intent.
Do Not try to IMPOSE Your Religion onto God's Kingdom.....It is God's Will , God's Power , God's Intention (the mind of the King) thy will be done on earth
Jesus said, Repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand.....In Him & once we receive Christ , then in us!!!We Reflect the King & His nature in us....God fills the earth with His full nature...... In us (who receive Christ the King)
a lot of rebellion on the earth ,in this world(satan's kingdom) everything is upside down , dark , lost & confused(sex,drugs,violence,murder; doing their master's will, serving satan's world kingdom(the World means sinners)the earth is the Lord's .
*****The earth is waiting for the manifestation of God's Kingdom on earth- which is how we (God's Children in Christ the King)Live & Glorify God, His Culture
Religion is a system,laws,rules, religious acts etc.
God's Kingdom in us is "Culture" Religion has a very long list of rules God's laws are in our hearts, it is a lifestyle..........We forgive others instantly, it is our culture ,because of the Kingdom in us!!We LOVE our Enemies.The giving by us of the good news is God's Kingdom Culture act, to us giving is a natural act.
****Matt.23-- you teachers of the law lock up God's Kingdom , you prevent them from entering into God's Kingdom (you are a threat to God's Kingdom) Religion is not of God, it keeps you out of God's Kingdom.
*****Jesus Never Joined any religious group in fact religious leaders arrested Him.Jesus would not talk , but when He went before a King, then He talked.
Religion apease their gods, =members=emotions
AS citizens of the Kingdom, God demands no long prayers-no begging-Kingdom thinking...You can't be a member of a nation(Kingdom) but a citizen....but a member of a religion.
The King has citizens not members. No Church members......alegory-community- the Body of Christ , citizens do not belong to a pastor or a religion but to God.
~~~ Religion thinks if they pray long enough, are emotional enough, maybe God will hear
No, God is in us John14:8
Once again I remind you,Religion is man's idea of God's expectations of them.So many religious wonder....where is God?They declare their denomination or their religion as being saved.(people wake up,,, this is WRONG, and you are missing out on God & His Religion, you have no abiding relationship with our King.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

God made us ONE NEW MAN in Christ, Gal.3:28 neither Jew nor Gentile

Do you know,Born Again Believers are the Apple of God's Eye?That we are His Chosen Ones in Christ ?Rom.2:28,29 A true Jew is One Inwardly & not outwardly,read it,1Peter2:9 we are the Chosen generation A Royal Priesthood. Gentiles are all lost sinners in this world without Christ Eph.2:11/John3:3 all nations Everyone in the World ;you MUST be born again(your spirit in Christ)or you will NOT see heaven./Jewish folk think (falsly)they are the apple of God's Eye, and are not,because they disobey God & reject the Ram(Lamb) He supplied for them(Jesus'Body)which God was in 2cor.5:19/the only way to everlasting life & to God's Kingdom John14:6They are without God seeing they reject Christ.
Obey God,receive Christ as Lord over your life(King) and be ye reconciled back unto the Father Rom.5:10 & 2Cor.5:18,20/do not be deceived by religion or judaism,come out of HER unto Christ & His salvation,be born again into Christ Eph.1:7, have everlasting life in Christ in New Jerusalem (above which is free)luke24:46-49
Salvation is in Christ acts4:12,Rom.1:16 /Rom.10:9,10/2Cor.6:2/1Thess.5:9,/2Tim.2:10,/2tim.3:15,/

***God told us, He will not ever leave us or forsake us. We leave Him & we forsake Him.
*****God sends nobody to hell, if anyone goes to hell, they send themselves to hell, #1 by unbelief #2 rejecting Christ our redeemer (John3:3 you MUST be born again, or you will not see heaven.............unrepentant sins Luke13:3 if you do not repent(turn away from your sins to Christ)you(your soul) will perish(in hell & the lake, Mark9:45,46 & Rev.20:10-14/ God provided a once & for all sacrifice for us, the body of Christ .....God was in that body 2Cor.5:19.........God provided a Ram for Abraham correct? Well, the new Test. God provided a Lamb for us, a perfect & pure Lamb, called the Son of God, Jesus Christ(Messiah) or Yeshuah
God made us One New Man in Christ Jesus, neither Jew nor gentile.(Gal.3:28)Neither male nor female.
I ask you, if you do not believe God, reject Christ as your Once & for all sacrifice,(1Cor.5:7)how are you ever forgiven of your sins?You know in the (Old testament) were they forgiven (but not set free) they sinned again & again.Never felt FREE.
Heb.9:16-18 the Word testament (Gr.diatheke') refers here to a will in accordance with the Greek usage of the New Test. era)even though the Greek word is commonly used in Hebrews & throughout the New Testament for a covenant.
a will requires the death of its maker before it can be in force(Christ's sinless life could not establish the New Testament., HIS DEATH,involving His shed Blood,was necessary.
Heb.9:22 on the basis of the preceding verses is the conclusion of 2 things #1 the law seems to require almost everything be purged with blood. #2 there is no remission,forgiveness,w/out the shedding of Blood.
Gen.17:9 every man be circumcised, so that circumcision was to serve as an outward sign of the inward dedication to God.(Law)legalism now; look at Matt.5:17 ,Jesus did not destroy the law of moses, the New testament is not contradictory to the old testament,but is the fulfillment of the spiritual intention of the law-the law degenerated into legalism with the pharisees;Jesus took the law Beyond the Outward Observance to the inner spiritual intention of God.
I am a very blunt spoken person,I am down to earth * & BOLD in my speech.Direct to the point, I do not beat around the bush, I am not one that says what you want to hear,I do not tickle ears , (a feel good message)leading many astray,NO...........Do not be offended by my words, in fact, they are life saving words.I serve God & His Word & His Kingdom through Christ Jesus by His Spirit amen.............Now lets get down to the nitty gritty. OK?
Lev.17:11 the Blood makes the atonement right? come on now....
Gal.3:13 Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law.
Rom.3:20 the Purpose of the law was to bring conviction of sins -not for justification,its' only purpose was to reveal sin................clear? comprehend?
luke24:44 Jesus said,These are the Words which I spake unto you ,while I was yet with you,that all things must be fulfilled,which were written in the law of Moses,and in the prophets,and in the psalms ,concerning Me.v.46 thus it is written,and thus it behooved Christ to suffer,and to rise from the DEAD on the 3rd day:and that Repentance(turning away from sins to Christ)Luke13:3-and remission of sins (1John1:9,10)should be preached in His Name among all nations,beginning at Jerusalem.
Gal.3:1 Christ was clearly crucified
Gal.3:19 the law was added (alongside the covenant) because of SIN
v.24 the law is what brought us to Christ (our school master)to be justified by faith--Once FAITH comes , you are no longer under the school master;for you are children of God in Christ Jesus
Gal.4:4 Jesus was born of a woman under the law to*** redeem all*** who were under the law(in Bondage)legalism.......
v.10 you observe days,months,times,years,and I fear for you lest I taught you to labor in vain (outward is not real)
Christ has made us free do not be entangled with bondage,but freedom from the law(Spiritual freedom)
Gal.5:2 if you be circumcised,Christ shall not profit you nothing, you're a debtor of the whole law.
v.4 you attempt to be justified by the law , you have fallen from Grace, you renounce Grace thru Faith alone as the way of salvation, ; you depend on legalism to secure divine favor , you show that you never really knew God's Grace in the 1st place.
Gal.5:6 faith which works by love,faith is produced by love,the divine love of God produces human faith which results in justification
v.7 the Galatians were making progress,the Judiazers hindered them w. a false gospel, so now,readers do not obey the truth.
v.8 persuasion refers to the pressure the heretics used to persuade them to embrace legalism
v.9 a little leaven (false doctrine)leavens(corrupts)the whole lump(church)believers.
I will now get even bolder
1st Read about the JEW & the LAW Rom.2:17-29 (seriously)
let us now focus on vv 28,29 He is NOT a Jew,which is One outwardly;neither is that circumcision,which is outward in the flesh;but he is a Jew ,which is one inwardly;and circumcision is that of the heart,in the spirit & not in the letter;whose praise is not of men,but of God. Rom.3:4 let God be true ,but every man a liar;as it is written,that thou mightest be justified in thy sayings,and mightest overcome when thou art judged.
Rom.3:11 onward...There is none that understands, there is none that seek after God. They are all gone out of the way,they are together become unprofitable;there is none that does good,not one.
v.13 Their throat is an open sepulcher; with their tongues they have used deceit;the poison of asps is under their lips; Whose mouth is full of cursing & bitterness.
v.15 their feet are swift to shed blood; destruction & misery are in their ways; And the way of peace they have not known;there is no fear of God before their eyes;v.19 we know what the law says,it says to them who are under the law;that every mouth may be stopped,and all the world may become guilty before God(world is sinners & unbelievers w. out Christ)Gentiles if you will.therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in God's sight,for the law is the knowledge of sin. but now the righteousness of God without the law is manifested,being witnessed by the law and the prophets;even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all them that believev.23 all have sinned & come short of the glory of God,being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus;Whom God set forth to be a propitiation through faith in His Blood,to declare His Righteousness for the remission of sins that are past,through the forbearance of Godv.26 who believe in Jesus Christ.
Rom.3:22 Faith of (or in)Jesus Christ,Jesus Christ is the ONLY valid object in which man must place his faith.By His grace; Unmerrited favor is bestowed through the redemption (release on payment of ransom)Christ's death s the ransom,The sinner is released on the basis of the ransom's havng been paid.
Rom.3:25,26 through faith;Christ's death satisfies the Father's righteous demands,it's benefits are appropriated ONLY through faith in His finished Work.
In His Blood: the emphasis is not on the blood as it coursed through Christ's veins,but as it was shed for our sins. This is how the propitiation was accomplished.
Just,and the justifier: God can remain just (true to His nature) and still declare sinners to be righteous only becausze Christ has paid for sin & satisfied(propitiated) Hi8s Holy Law. The sinner is not rendered guiltless but pardoned. Christ has taken the sin on Himself & has imputed His Righteousness to the sinner.
my words:The Old Test, failed.thus a new test came about.
if you do not believe God, refuse Christ, your once & for all sacrifice (1Cor.5:7)then you have no forgiveness of your sins, you DO NOT HAVE A SACRIFICE. God is Spirit John4:24 invisible col.1:15 became flesh(Jesus) 1Tim.3:16 & John1:1-14./ God Himself wrapped Himself up in flesh to become your Once & for all sacrifice. It is the greatest miracle ever (salvation of your soul in Christ by His shed Blood) see Eph.1:7 in Christ is our salvation & the forgiveness of our sins by His shed Blood see 2Cor.5:19 God was in Christ,reconciling the world(sinners) back unto Himself!!!! do you see?
scriptures for concern & study:Ex.3:13-15 & Deut.32:39 God said " I AM HE"
John8:24 Jesus said, if you do not believe that
"I AM HE" you will die in your sins.
this is My Blood of the New Testament Matt.26:28
Jesus made a surety of a better testament Heb.7:22
Jesus the mediator of the New Testament Heb.9:15
!!!!That were under the 1st testament !!!!!9:15
a testament is of force after death v.17
neither 1st testament was dedicated without blood v.18
Rev.11:19 the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in His Temple the ARK of His testament.(The Book of Revelation is the fulfillment of the entire Word of God from Gen thru Rev's end,Christ the fulfillment. )the book is past,present & future, it is symbolic,prophetical & apocalyptic
I will insert here some spiritual comprehension of the Word of God 1Cor.3:16 we(born again believers in Christ )are the temple of God & He dwells in us.
Just as the law became spiritual (Matt.5:17)so the temple became spiritual 1cor.3:16 just as physical Jerusalem is in bondage New Jerusalem from above is FREE,(*Rev.3:12) (Rom.2 :28,29) the true Jew is one inwardly & not outwardly(who are born again , abide in Christ, have crucified their flesh(circumcised their hearts) by dying to all lusts & desires of the flesh Col.3:3 &Rom.6:11 Rom.6:22 having been set free from sin you have become slaves to God,you have your fruit to holiness,the end everlasting life.
just as priests were only from the line of Aaron old test. now are in Christ the Royal Priesthood(spiritual) our inheritance (birth right)1Peter2:9 Every born again Bible Belieivng Christian in Christ,like our old Testament counterparts;,we the believer priests,have the priveledge of direct access to God in Christ Jesus by His Spirit!! with priveledge comes a 2 fold responsibility #1 sacrifice,the sacrfice of believers are His Body Rom.12:1,2present your bodies a living sacrfice acceptable unto God. which is your responsible service #2 Our Praises to God Heb.13:15 by Him, let us offer sacrifice of praise to God continually,which is the fruit of our lips.
Even God took on human form 1Tim.3:16 & John1:1-14 and became our once & for all sacrifice 1cor.5:7
let me give to you an elementary teaching: God is Spirit whom no man can ever see, He is invisible John4:24 & col.1:15....He formed a body in a virgin womb, which He would dwell in, called the body Jesus Christ (Messiah) the Son of God.It is NOT 2 gods or 3 gods it is ONE GOD .
1John5:7 There are 3 that bear witness in heaven,m the Father, The Word(Rev.19:13 Jesus' Name is the Word)the Holy Spirit of God and these 3 are ONE.
God is Father , Son & Holy Spirit = 1 Spirit = 1 God.
if you should become born again & enter heaven, how many gods will you see? 3? 2? or 1? I tell you, you will see Jesus the Lord your God.
#1 I have been corrected by God back when I was younger, not a good mother at all, He appeared as Bright Blinding ,strobing light. I was covering my eyes begging Him to stop. The bright ,blinding ,strobing light came from everywhere, not one spot in particular.Everywhere. His Voice was as 10 roaring thunders.(Father God almighty)who I called God.
#2 Jesus always has come to me since a child, walked w. me at night through fields of purple flowers as far as the eye could see: He looked like we do!!Only Great & precious ,awesome,beautiful; no words can fully describe how wonderful.His skin seemed to be the color of everyone, kind of like a golden hue. hair med brown red highlights,eyes dark brown.I called Him God.
#3HolySpirit rocked me in His arms one night, all night long. He was a HUGE grey like mass of energy (seemed)in the form of a man, I can still see the smile on His face as He rocked me, kind of like the smile of a proud Daddy holding His baby the 1st time!!! yeah I called Him God.
God is ( spirit)John4:24 He made us in His image,(Spirit Gen.1:26)God has a (soul) Lev.26:30 (mind will & emotions) so do we have a(soul)in His image
God has a(body 1Tim.3:16 & John1:1-14 & col.1:15-) (Jesus) so do we in His image have a (body)
God did the most wonderful thing in the world for you & for me,by giving us His Son, By God Himself coming to earth willingly to lay down His life for us, shed His Blood for us, so in Christ & by His shed Blood (Eph.1:7) John3:3 ( John14:6)can we be born again, be forgiven of our sins as we confess them to God 1John1:9,10and have everlasting life.
1John4:3 whoever denies Christ came in the flesh(Messiah) do not belong to God, they are the Spirit of anti Christ.
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